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10 Truths About Dry Needling to Relieve Pain

Dry needling is popular for relieving Chronic Pain, tension headaches, and other conditions. Here are ten important facts about dry needling that you should know:

  1. What is Dry Needling? Dry needling is a procedure that uses ultra-thin needles to target and alleviate Pain or dysfunction in muscles.

  2. No Injection or Medicine The needles used in dry needling do not deliver an injection or medicine.

  3. Very Thin Needles The needles used for dry needling are extremely thin and flexible, so much so that they can be bent with a finger. They are different from needles used for injections.

  4. Quick Results Dry needling is known for going straight to the source of Pain or dysfunction, creating a difference more quickly than other therapies.

  5. Skilled Therapists Therapists approved to perform dry needling require many hours of training and ongoing skill reviews.

  6. Treated Dry needling can relieve chronic pain, headaches, muscle tension, chronic pain conditions, and Pain in the jaw, neck, low back, and shoulder. It can also provide relief for TMJ.

  7. Unclear Mechanism The exact way dry needling eases muscle tension still needs to be determined. However, there is a theory that it changes how nerves and muscles function and even how our spinal cords perceive Pain.

  8. Combination Treatment Dry needling can be used alone but is often combined with other treatments, such as massage, foam rolling, electrical stimulation, and strengthening and stretching exercises.

  9. Thorough Examination People who request dry needling go through a thorough examination to determine if the therapy is suitable for them.

  10. Offered for a Fee Dry needling is offered for a fee through Sports Medicine, and patients need a referral from a doctor or nurse practitioner.

Alleviate Pain & Dysfunction

Dry needling is a valuable practice that can quickly alleviate Pain and dysfunction without medicine or injections. If you are considering dry needling, consult a skilled therapist with the necessary training and experience in this field.

For those experiencing Pain and discomfort, dry needling can provide significant relief. Alex Pierce, a runner with kneecap pain, felt a noticeable difference in her muscle function and decreased pressure on her knees after just a couple of dry needling sessions.

While the exact way that dry needling works still needs to be fully understood, it is clear that the procedure has become increasingly popular in recent years. Physical therapist Matt Briggs is conducting a study on 150 people with Pain around the kneecap, known as runner’s knee, to determine how dry needling is effective.

Ultimately, dry needling is a valuable treatment option for many people dealing with Pain, and a thorough examination with a qualified therapist can help determine if it is the right choice for you. If you are interested in exploring this option, speak with your doctor or nurse practitioner and ask about being referred to a physical therapist who offers dry needling as a treatment option.

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