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Acupuncture Services Near Hollywood, CA

Whether referred to as acupuncture or dry needling, the use of the needle with these treatments delivers no medicine to the body. The needle is simply a device that allows the acupuncture practitioner to access locations beneath the skin with a minimally invasive approach. My name is Loren Stiteler, LAc, and as a certified acupuncturist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), I help provide real solutions to real problems through real medicine.


The holistic treatment method referred to as acupuncture functions through the twin mechanisms of modulating circulation and modulating muscle tone. The practitioner inserts the needle into precisely chosen locations of disproportionate muscle contraction, triggering noticeable relaxation to the muscles. As a result, the force imposed on joints and tendons is diminished and so is the irritation, promoting proper alignment. This frees up bodily fluids such as lymph and blood, enhancing circulation. This in turn, facilitates decreased inflammation, faster healing, and pain relief.

Whether or not you have used acupuncture or dry needling in the past, I look forward to helping you experience the pain relief and other health benefits these treatments offer.

Contact Loren Stiteler, LAc

If you are looking for acupuncture, cupping therapy, herbal medicine, or dry needling near Hollywood, CA, look no further than the office of Loren Stiteler, LAc.

To learn more about how our dry needling and acupuncture services can help resolve various painful and debilitating health conditions, call me today at 323.461.7678 or fill out our contact form and send me a message.

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